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Mistake 4
If a particular job is large and requires a lot of matching veneer, it is smart to choose a wood species that produces large logs. This enables you to get long sequence matched veneer from one single log to ensure color consistency and grain match.

Smaller jobs aren't as critical. A good rule of thumb is "large jobs equal large species and longer sequences while small jobs equal smaller species and shorter sequences."

Mistake 5
Even though you may be able to complete your project with two 4'x8' and one 4'x10' sheet, it may be in your best interest to get all 4'x10' veneer to ensure all veneer is from the same log. Remember, a few extra dollars spent up front can reward you with higher quality production.

Mistake 6
Every project has opportunities to save a little money on lower grade veneers. Areas such as shelves, backs, insides and undersides of cabinets and furniture don't always require premium veneer. Spend money for premium veneers only on the high visibility areas.

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