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Mistake 10
When ordering veneer, be specific about quality, cut, color, sequence matching and so on. The better you describe what you need, the greater chance you'll be satisfied with the veneer you receive. This will help you avoid costly delays and dissatisfaction.

Mistake 11
Your local veneer source can't match the quality, species availability or knowledge of a company which specializes only in veneer.

Oakwood Veneer Company provides expert advice on veneer, veneer selection, proper application, adhesive choices and techniques as well as various finishing methods. By utilizing the total resources within our company, you will save time and avoid mistakes.

Mistake 12
It is critical to veneer both sides of a panel to ensure flatness and stability. This should be done with the same veneer, if both sides are visible, or a cheaper "backer sheet," if one side is not seen. Any panel that isn't properly balanced will almost certainly become warped and unusable.

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