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Mistake 13
If you are a serious woodworker, you owe it to yourself to learn more about working with veneer. If you are an architect, designer or specifier of wood veneer, you owe it to your customers.

As the trusted expert, one of your roles is to educate those you serve about veneer possibilities and limitations. They need realistic expectations about veneer. Involve them in the selection process, explain the different qualities each wood species possesses and don't promise results that can't be achieved

Mistake 14
If you're matching existing veneer, the only sure way to get a good match is by providing a sample from the existing piece. Oakwood Veneer Company can match veneer grain and color to a door, drawer front or hard-wood component. Digital or color photographs will get you close matches if the color is accurately represented.

Mistake 15
Working with veneer is not always as simple as it seems. Questions may arise at any time. Customer service is the life blood of Oakwood Veneer Company. Our veneer professionals are available to give you accurate answers to your questions anytime you need them. Just call us. When it comes to veneer, there are no stupid questions!


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