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Glossary of Veneer Terms:  A-F  G-L  M-R  S-Z
Sapwood This is the outer portion of the tree. As additional layers of growth accumulate on the outer perimeter, the inner layers of the sapwood becomes heartwood. Sap is lighter in color and the differentiation in color and thickness of the sap layer varies considerably by species.
Select Grade A common reference to A Grade veneers when veneer grading standards are applicable.
Sequence Matching A method of arranging veneer faces such that each face is in order relative to its original position in the tree and, therefore, contains features of grain and figures similar to adjacent faces.
Sheet Veneer Same as Flexible Veneer.
Sketch Face A method of joining individual leaves of veneer together to create a single, standard dimensional sheet veneer. This method uses a combination of book matching and butt matching and is commonly used with burl and crotch veneers.
Sliced Veneer produced by thrusting a log or sawn flitch into a slicing machine which shears off the veneer in sheets.
Slip Matching Means that veneer leaves in a flitch are "slipped." Successive veneer leaves in a flitch are "slipped" one alongside the other and edge-glued in this manner. The result is a series of grain repeats, but no pairs. The danger with this method derives from the fact that grain patterns are rarely perfectly straight. Sometimes a grain pattern "runs off" the edge of the leaf. A series of leaves with this condition could usually make a panel look like it is leaning. In the book matching the pairs balance each other.
Softwood General term used to describe lumber or veneer produced from needle and/or cone-bearing trees. (See Hardwood).
Spliced Face Veneer Face veneers that have been joined in any one of several matching effects through the careful factory process of tapeless splicing.
Streaks, Mineral Natural discolorations of the wood substance.
Stump Veneer Produced from the base of the tree. Here the grain pattern is always swirly twisted and often accompanied by cross fire and patches of burl. The sizes are normally small.
Swirl Grain A lesser degree of crotch figure. The grain tends to swirl around in a random pattern. This figure frequently appears in cherry, mahogany, walnut and maple.
Tight Side In knife-cut veneer, that side of the sheet that was farthest from the knife as the sheet was being cut and containing no cutting checks (lathe checks).
Veneer A thin sheet of wood, rotary cut, sliced or sawn from a log or flitch. Veneering goes back to the early days of the Egyptians, about 3,500 years ago. Down through the years and cultures, veneering has enriched furniture and architectural interiors with sheets of rare and beautiful woods bonded to other plain, sturdy wood based substrates to form a panel.
Veneer Face See description for Spliced Veneer Face (above).
Veneer Log Logs, either hardwood or softwood, which have specific characteristics or traits which qualify them to be sliced for veneer only. Less than 5% of all logs are of veneer quality.
Wood on Wood Veneer Same as 2-Ply Veneer and commonly interpreted as no black line veneer.

A-F  G-L  M-R  S-Z

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Glossary of Veneer Terms : A - F
Glossary of Veneer Terms : G - L
Glossary of Veneer Terms : M - R
Glossary of Veneer Terms : S - Z

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