Carpathian Elm Burl Veneer

This color of his wood varies from an almost brick red to a light tan. It is a very rare veneer.
Source: Europe

Italian Carpathian Elm Burl Veneer

Italian Carpathian Elm Burl Veneer

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Carpathian Elm Burl veneer

Carpathian Elm Burl Veneer

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4' X 8' Sheets

10 Mil Paperbacked and 22.2 Mil Bubble Free ™

Price is per square foot

-- 32 sq ft per sheet --

10 ML Paper 1-9 Sheets

10 ML Paper 10+ Sheets

BFV 22.2 ML Paper 1-9 Sheets

BFV 22.2 ML Paper 10+ Sheets

Number of Sheets 10 ML

Number of Sheets 22.2 ML

Carpathian Elm Burl Veneer Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire    
Italian Carpathian Elm Burl veneer 9.99 9.69 10.59 10.29

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