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White Oak

( quercus )
White Oak veneer has a pale yellow brown colour and a more even grain than Red Oak. In quarter-sawn veneer, there is a very recognizable flake or tiger figure. Order White Oak Veneer from Oakwood Veneer Compnay is Flat Cut Standard, Quartered Medium Flake, Quartered heavy Flake, Rift, Italian Rift, or Tiger veneer. White Oak was a signature wood used in mission style oak furniture in the Craftsman style of the Arts and Crafts movement.


Flat Cut White Oak Veneer

White Oak Veneer - Flat Cut Standard

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Rift White Oak Veneer

rift White Oak Veneer

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Quartered Medium Flake White Oak Veneer -

Quartered Medium Flake White Oak Veneer

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Italian White Oak Veneer

Italian Rift White Oak veneer

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Quartered Heavy Flake White Oak Veneer

Quartered Heavy Flake White Oak Veneer

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Tiger Figured White Oak Veneer

Tiger Figured White Oak Veneer

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White Oak is water-resistant. Thus, it is used for barrels for wine and whiskey production since it resists leaking. Because it is valued for its density, strength, resiliency, and low chance of splintering, White Oak is used in Japanese martial arts for such as the bokken and jo. Woodworkers ought to know that ferrous metal hardware reacts with oak, causing corrosion and staining the wood. Instead, use brass or stainless steel.

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8' X 4' Sheets

10 Mil Paperbacked and 22.2 Mil Bubble Free

Price is per square foot

-- 32 sq ft per sheet --

10 Mil Paper 1-9 Sheets

10 Mil Paper 10+ Sheets

BFV 22.2 Mil Paper 1-9 Sheets

BFV 22.2 Mil Paper 10+ Sheets

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10 mil sheets (Paper-back)

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BFV - sheets (Paper-back)
White Oak Veneer- Flat Cut Select A Grade 1.38 1.15 1.85 1.62
White Oak Veneer- Quartered Medium Flake 2.63 2.39 3.09 2.86
White Oak Veneer- Quartered Heavy Flake 3.09 2.86 3.56 3.32
White Oak veneer- Rift 1.85 1.62 2.32 2.08
White Oak Veneer- Rift Premium 2.32 1.85 2.78 2.55
White Oak - Rift Italian 3.09 2.86 3.56 3.32
White Oak Veneer- Tiger Figured 3.79 3.56 4.26 4.02
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