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Wood Veneer

  from Oakwood Veneer Company

Largest wood veneer supplier with over 170 species in stock.
Here is just some of our extensive selection:

Adhesive backed Veneer
Adhesive back Veneer

Afromosia Veneer
Afromosia Q/C Veneer
Afromosia QTD Veneer
Afromosia Quartered Veneer

Alder Veneer
Alder - rustic Veneer
Alder Oregon
Alder Veneer - oregon
Alder Western Red Veneer

Amaranth wood Veneer
American Chestnut Veneer
Anigre - Block Model Veneer
Anigre - High Figured
Anire Block Mottle
Anigre Heavy Figured Wood Veneer
Anigre High Figure
Anigre QC Plain
Anigre QTD Plain
Anigre Quartered Plain
Anegre Veneer - block mottled
Anegre Veneer - fiddleback
Anegre Veneer - figured
Anegre Veneer - high figure
Anegre Veneer - medium figure
Anegre Veneer - no figured
Anegre wood veneer
Anigre Heavy figured Veneer
Anigre QC Plain
Anigre QTD Plain
Anigre Veneer - aningeria
Anigre Veneer - high figure
Anigre Veneer - medium figure
Anigre Veneer - no figured
Anigre Wood Veneer
Aningeria Wood Veneer

Ash Burl
Ash Veneer - brown
Ash Veneer - F/C
Ash Veneer - FC

Ash Veneer - japanese
Ash Veneer - olive
Ash Veneer - Plain Sliced
Ash Veneer - rift
Ash Veneer - tamo
Ash Veneer - white
Ash Veneer - white burl
Ash wood veneer
Aspen Veneer
Avodire Veneer
Bamboo Veneer
Basswood Veneer
Beech Veneer
Beech Euro Steamed Veneer
Beech Steamed Veneer
Beech Veneer - european, F/C Steamed
Beech Veneer - european, FC Steamed
Beech Veneer - european, QC steamed
Beech Veneer - european, QTC steamed

Birch Veneer
Birch Yellow Veneer
Birch Burl Veneer
Birch Burl Karelian Veneer
Birch Burr
Birch Karelian Burr

Birch Veneer - F/C
Birch Veneer - natural
Birch Veneer - red

Birch Veneer - rotary white
Birch Veneer - white

Black Limba Veneer
Black Limba Wood Veneer

Black Walnut Veneer
Bubinga Veneer
Bubinga Veneer - F/C
Bubinga Veneer - flat cut
Bubinga Veneer - QC
Bubinga Waterfall Veneer

Butternut Veneer
Butternut FC Veneer
Butternut Flat Cut Veneer
Butternut Plain Sliced
Butternut QC Veneer
Butternut QTD Veneer
Butternut Quartered

Camphor Burl Veneer
Camphorwood Burr Veneer

Cedar Veneer
Cedar, Aromatic Red
Cedar Veneer - red
Cedar Veneer, Spanish
Cedar Veneer, Western Red
Cedar Veneer - yellow

Chen Veneer
Chen Chen Veneer

Cherry Veneer
Cherry american black
Cherry Veneer - american
Cherry Veneer, African
Chestnut Veneer
Chestnut European

Cocobolo Veneer
Cypress Veneer
Cypress  VeneerF/C
Cypress Veneer FC
Cypress Veneer Quartered

Cypress Veneer QC
Douglas Fir Veneer
Eastern Walnut
Ebony Gaboon (Figured Veneer)
Ebony Madagascar
Ebony Veneer
Ebony Veneer Macassar FC
Ebony Macassar Flat Cut
Ebony Veneer Macassar QC
Ebony Veneer QC
Ebony QTD
Ebony Veneer - macassar
Ebony, Gaboon

Elm Veneer
Elm Burl Veneer
Elm Burr
Elm Carpathian Burl Veneer
Elm Carpathian Burr

Elm Veneer - grey
Elm Veneer - italian carp. burl. light
Elm Veneer - italian carp. burl. medium

Elm Veneer - red
Etimo Veneer
Eucalyptus Veneer
Eucalyptus Burr
Eucalyptus Figured
Eucalyptus, Burl

European Pearwood
European Plaintree
French Burl Veneer
French Burr

Glue back Veneer
Go-go Wood
Goncalo Alves Veneer
Gum Veneer
Gum Figured Red
Gum Red

Hickory Veneer
Holly Veneer
Honeytree Veneer
Imbuya Burr
Imbuya Veneer
Imbuya Veneer - burl
Imbuya wood veneer

Ironwood Veneer
Ironwood wood Veneer

Izombie Veneer
Jarrah Veneer
Jatoba Veneer
Karialian Burch Burl
Kevazinga Veneer
Kevazinga Veneer

Khaya Veneer
Khaya Veneer QC
Khaya QTD Veneer
Khaya Veneer Quartered

Koa Veneer (Hawaiian)
Koto Veneer
Lacewood Veneer
Lacewood Austrailian Lacewood Veneer

Larch Veneer
Laurel Burl Veneer
Laurel Burr Veneer

Lauro Preto Veneer
Lemonwood Veneer
Leopardwood Veneer
Limba Veneer
Limba Wood Veneer

Louro Preto Veneer
Limba Veneer
Madrona Burl Veneer
Madrona Burr Veneer
Madrone Burl Veneer

Madrone Veneer

More wood veneers M - Z

All wood veneer species in stock

Oakwood Veneer Company • Specializing in Quality Exotic and Burl wood Veneer
1830 Stephenson Hwy. Troy, Michigan 48083 USA   info@oakwoodveneer.co.uk

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